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New Splinter Cell Confirmed

Plus another AAA unannounced title.

Though hardly surprising considering the series’ AAA status, Ubisoft have confirmed that a new Splinter Cell title is in development.

Speaking about the plans of new regional studio Ubisoft Toronto, Managing Director Jade Raymond has touched upon the direction of the big city development house, how the Canadian government are pumping $263 million into the venture over the next decade, and – most importantly – that the studio will only be focusing on triple-A games. Games such as the next Splinter Cell and another yet to be announced big budget title. Raymond said:

“A lot of the games that come out of the Montreal studio, or the European studios, have much more of that ‘continental’ flair; Beyond Good and Evil, for example, couldn’t have been produced other than in France. It’s a very European-feeling game. When you think of it like that, I think the Splinter Cell franchise fits Toronto.”

The studio head goes on to reveal how the Montreal team who worked on Splinter Cell: Conviction have all moved down to Toronto. The next Splinter Cell game has recently been rumoured to be multiplatform, unlike Conviction which is an Xbox 360 console-exclusive. What platforms the new title will launch on was not discussed.

The interview comes highly recommended, especially if you’re interested in sending a CV to the ever-expanding studio. They’ve recently received thousands.

Source: Gamasutra via IGN


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