Spec Ops: The Line Multiplayer BETA Sign Up

Xbox 360 only.

2K Games has started taking applicants to BETA test the multiplayer aspect of its upcoming squad based shooter ‘Spec Ops: The Line’.  The website states that this is Xbox 360 exclusive, so sorry Sony fans.  As usual, signing up to take part doesn’t guarantee you a spot as you have to actually be chosen by 2K Games.

For those who are unaware, Spec Ops: The Line is a squad-based shooter set in the not-too-distant future and takes place in Dubai.  The dusty, sandy landscape will be familiar to fans of Ghost Recon and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.  For more information head to our article here where there’s a lovely embedded video to watch.  See?  We do love you.

If you like what you see, head over to the registration page and put your name in the hat.

Source: Specopstheline.com


  1. i hate console specific betas! Do they really think they are going to be able to find all the bugs in the PS3 version by beta testing the 360 version?!?!


    • They’ll stil have a PS3 beta, it just won’t be open to some of the public like the 360 is. And since betas are the new demos, the PS3 version might come out the victor since that beta will be ran by actual beta testers instead of contest winners.

  2. So PS3 version is gonna be incerdeibly buggy obviously then.
    Maybe it’s just me, but I get ba distinct feeling from certain developers that the PS3 version doesn’t matter as much as the 360. Admittedly the sales are lower but does that mean you want to risk outputting an inferior product because of that, of course not. So if your gonna BETA test it, do it properly!

    • Are sales still that much lower? I would’ve thought by now the gap had closed somewhat.. Also, I think this is one of those betas thats more of a hype generator then a real beta.

      • Having just read the sales article a few steps below, the question has been answered.. :*

    • Was anyone saying the same thing for all of the recent PS3 only betas?

      • not sure how to say this without sounding arsey, which is not my intention at all, but which ones were they?

      • Medal Of Honour for a start

      • I didnt realise that was ps3 exclusive, the main gripe i have with betas these day is as said above, they are just baisically demos with a label slapped on them to build up hype, why cant they be back to the original NDA signing, bug reporting style they used to be, like with hte worms armageddon beta, brilliant game btw

      • @CC_Star Im not going to get into what Beta’s are on what console but you cant deny there is a definite feeling from some developers (intentional or not), and has been for some time, that the quality of the PS3 version is not as important as the 360.
        Sever2j is definitely right on this though, it is more a PR move than genuine Beta

      • Yes, agree. They focus on what takes the least effort for the biggest returns.

      • MOH isn’t exclusive AC:brotherhood is though

  3. just signed up sounds awesome hoping for the same sand mechanic to be in the multiplayer would be ace

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