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Official PS3 Surround Sound System

Gaming’s often forgotten virtue, sound plays a monumental part of what makes video-games so immersive. Thinking about upgrading your set up and want to go all “official” on its ass? Check out the Sound Bar – the official surround sound system for the PS3.

Showcasing games such as inFamous 2, MAG and Uncharted 2, the footage also goes into some of the features in the audio system. Anything that has a “Night Mode” gets our vote. I hear TSA’s very own Dan Lee has a “Night Mode.” I’ve said too much.

The Sound Bar is available via Play among other outlets. It’s released on October 22nd. Finally, don’t forget to use the Store if you’re thinking of picking one up!

Thanks Raider197


  1. Nice…is it coming to the UK?

    • Yeah, you can order from Play and Amazon last time I checked

  2. ohhh, me likey :D

  3. Well now all we need to know is if it’s coming to Europe. Could anyone tell me of what kind of setup I’d need to benefit from the sound bar? Do I need an open space or do I have to sit at a certain angle or place to enjoy the surround-ness?

    • from the looks of it a flat surface in front of the tv will do.

      probably easier if you have a flat screen tv rather an old crt tv.

      • Thanks, my TV is a flat-screen but it’s in a unit. The unit has no front on it but it has two sides that come out further than the TV. Will that affect the sound?

  4. I’d really quite like this. Wonder how much it’ll be?

  5. Very nice. Hope it comes to the UK, and has a reasonable price.
    Looking at the back of the bar, how do you think it connects? It seems to have red and white sockets.

    • Look like it has standard phono cable inputs. I hope its got a optical connect as well. If it does then i’ll probably get it.

      • if they’ve designed it for use with the ps3, then it should have an optical input.

      • Still would be no good for enslaved…lol, its a nice idea for anyone without a surround sound receiver. but I will stick to my 7.1 HDMI receiver goodness.

      • yes it has optical.

  6. GAME also have it for sale if you like reward points.

  7. What? No stealth mode? That’ll be a no from me then.
    (I am actually very interested, I’d like a preview first though.)

    • Maybe I’ll get Mrs. Kovacs to get me one for my birthday/Christmas and I’ll review it here. How to you like those Stealth Apples?

  8. I like the look of this. I’m using my pioneer one at the moment that matched my 360, it’s got great sound but this looks better.

  9. My Panasonic surround sound system is awesome. I have no need for this!!

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