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PSN Sales Figures Announced

Figures 'approaching' Xbox Live Arcade.

FADE, a research and analysis firm, are claiming there was an estimated $49.4 million USD worth of sales on the PlayStation Network during the first half of 2010.

The figure, which includes PSN games (but excludes PSOne titles) shows ‘significant growth’ for the platform, with FADE (Forecasting & Analyzing Digital Entertainment) suggesting that year-on-year growth during the second half of the year was 40%, outpacing Xbox Live Arcade’s 18% increase.

December 2010 alone shows, according to the press release, an estimated $9.3 million USD.

Ubisoft’s ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ was, says FADE, the “best selling title for the 2nd half of 2010 with 190,000 units sold”, with XBLA title ‘Castle Crashers’ the top-grossing game for the 2nd half of last year, earning $2.1 million USD “from an estimated 143,000 units sold”.

FADE admit that multi-platform sales have had a “rocky history” on PSN, with the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 1943 selling twice as many copies as the PlayStation 3 version. But that’s all changing: “Today, that advantage is nearly even with first-month typical sales being 55/45 among new titles like ‘Costume Quest’, ‘Pac-Man CE DX’, and ‘X-Men Arcade'” said Benjamin Schlichter, Director of Research & Analysis at FADE LLC.

In addition, PlayStation Plus is seeing encouraging numbers, with time-exclusive title ‘Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves’ grabbing an estimated 72,000 downloads in December, with many coming from Plus members.

FADE have also supplied a list of top selling titles for the last six months of 2010:

  1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Ubisoft) – 190,000 Units
  2. Castle Crashers (The Behemoth) – 143,000 Units
  3. ZEN Pinball (Zen Studios) – 127,000 Units
  4. Dead Nation (Housemarque) – 122,000 Units
  5. Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (SEGA) – 113,000 Units
  6. Critter Crunch (Capybara Games) – 100,000 Units
  7. Blacklight: Tango Down (Ignition Entertainment) – 97,000 Units
  8. DeathSpank (Hothead Games) – 97,000 Units
  9. Pac-Man CE DX (Namco Bandai) – 96,000 Units
  10. Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (Telltale Games) – 80,000 Units

We’re assuming all figures are estimated, and taken from US data.

For more from FADE, visit www.fadellc.com.

  1. KeRaSh
    Since: Nov 2009

    Critter Crunch… well deserved spot in that list. Loved the HD version very much. Recently bought it for the iPhone and the controls just work so much better with a controller.

    Comment posted on 09/02/2011 at 11:44.
    • KeRaSh
      Since: Nov 2009

      *”and” should have been a “but”

      Comment posted on 09/02/2011 at 11:45.
  2. Zephyre
    Since: Aug 2009

    Nice to see Dead Nation so far up the charts – hopefully might encourage them to patch in voice chat

    Comment posted on 09/02/2011 at 11:55.
    • Vaile23
      Since: Dec 2009

      can’t believe scott pilgrim sold more than it though… :\

      Comment posted on 09/02/2011 at 17:41.
  3. shields_t
    Since: Oct 2008

    I’ve been intrigued to see these figures for a while, though it is a shame we can’t see the Euro equivalent.

    Am I right in saying that XBOX live gold memberships offer freebies a la PS+? If so, would it be a reasonable assumtion that these downloads would not be included in the XBOX live figures?

    Good to see that American PSN users have taste though, all of the top 10 bar Blacklight are on my PS3.

    Comment posted on 09/02/2011 at 12:03.
    • colossalblue
      Team TSA: Editor
      Since: Forever

      Gold gives rolling weekly discounts and regular access to demos a week earlier than the Xbox Live free accounts (Silver) but I don’t recall anything for free so it’s not quite the same as PS+

      Comment posted on 09/02/2011 at 12:25.
      • jayjay119
        Since: Apr 2010

        having experience of both which would you say is the better service in terms of purchasing games? I’ve never experienced Live so I don’t know. Or would you say they both have aspects that make them better than each other in different ways?

        Comment posted on 09/02/2011 at 13:31.
      • DrNate86
        Since: Apr 2010

        I find the PS store a bit easier to navigate and it is quicker to add funds to your account, other than that they are pretty similar really!

        Comment posted on 09/02/2011 at 13:33.
  4. Charmed_Fanatic
    Since: Aug 2009

    Glad Sonic 4 made the list!

    Comment posted on 09/02/2011 at 12:03.
  5. Forrest_01
    Since: Jun 2009

    Scott Pilgrim (& maybe Blacklight) aside, hasn’t every single one of these games either been free or subject to a discount on plus?
    I guess what i am getting at is does a ‘download’ constitute a ‘sale’ in the figures?

    Comment posted on 09/02/2011 at 12:11.
    • DrNate86
      Since: Apr 2010

      Scott Pilgrim was also subject to a sale. It’s fairly common for big download sellers to be the sale items, its why you get games dropping to a pound on the iPod App Store, you get a boost in sales which pushes you into the charts, and hence the public eye, for when you raise the price again.

      Comment posted on 09/02/2011 at 13:02.
  6. jayjay119
    Since: Apr 2010

    Shame the study didnt include the PSone classics, personally that’s really all I have bought off PSN with the exception of MGS; Portable Ops.

    Comment posted on 09/02/2011 at 12:19.
    • Klart
      Since: Jun 2010

      I’d like to see the bottom 5 of those. I wonder whether they reached a 100 downloads…

      Comment posted on 09/02/2011 at 14:33.

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