New EA Studio May Be Working On PS3 Exclusive FPS

With all the depressing news about studio closures and cut-backs, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the industry is on a downward slide. It seems that EA are keen to keep rolling the development ball uphill, however.

According to some more clever detective work over on SystemLink, there’s a new studio in operation and they’re working on a new PS3 exclusive.

The suspicions were first raised with an anonymous (for now) employee’s résumé citing his work as a UI Artist contracted to a studio called Black Troll. The entry on the unnamed source’s employment history states that he has been working on an FPS for the PS3 since September 2010. Usually, if a project is multiplatform, a résumé will show that in order to demonstrate cross-platform ability.

Black Troll Studios would seem not to exist, at least until a few days ago when their website went live with nothing but a pretty shade of dark red to look at.

It would all be very vague and we would encourage plenty of skepticism if it wasn’t for the fact that domain was registered by Electronic Arts back in November 2010.

Source: SystemLink


  1. Because what we need is another FPS.

    • My exact thoughts.

    • Except had it been an Xbox360 exclusive, all the fanboys would have been running around all excited…. (I’m guessing because they have sod-all worth playing anymore).

    • exclusive FPS I’m up for that just because there are loads does not mean there good.

    • Who knows?
      It could be the game that shakes up the entire genre, and catapults it out of the growing staleness and back into the hearts and minds of so many former FPS fans who have become disenchanted with the games released in the last few years…

    • You could say that about any genre of game.

  2. It had better not be a COD/BF clone as the market is full of them atm. I wonder if it will be a story driven FPS instead of a multiplayer one? Anyway, i may keep an eye on any futher news on this as it could be a new innovative FPS.:D

  3. Enough FPS more RPG.

    • How about an FPS-RPG? Like Fallout 3, or to some extent Borderlands. Those are awesome games.

      • Fantastic suggestion, a rival to Fallout would be ace!

  4. ‘BattleDuty 4’ :D

    • Modern Medal of battle duty perhaps??

  5. “anonymous (for now) employee’s”.

    Definitely not anonymous for long. I found his CV in about 3 seconds.

  6. Yay. I’m a sucker for an exclusive, they bring out the best in a console.

    • Agreed.

    • You’ve got a point.

      • Good point! Resistance and killzone pop into mind!!

        would be brilliant if they could pull something original out of the bag….. If of corse anyone could pull of an original fps these days without jumping in the mainstrream bandwagon.


    gawd a game like that would change the FPS genre.

  8. We all know EA <3 Sony

  9. Space Marine?

  10. Not another one.

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