Amazon Pre-Orders For Black Ops II “Three Times” That Of Black Ops

Pre-orders for “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” on Amazon have already achieved more than three times the orders for the first Black Ops game in the first twenty-four hours, according to the company’s PR dept.

“Set to be one of the biggest games of the year, it’s great to see so much enthusiasm and anticipation for Call of Duty: Black Ops II,” said Graham Chambers, video games manager at Ltd.

“Bolder and better than before and with everything from a futuristic storyline through to single player mode, Zombies and multiplayer, Black Ops II promises something Call of Duty fans have never seen before.”

The figures don’t necessarily reflect those seen at other retailers, though.


  1. Good for them, the title certainly sounds more promising than the last one.

    How long before some EA dude makes a snide comment in an attempt to draw parallels with Gunshooter, Warface or whatever it’s called.

  2. I wonder how much of this be due to GAME maybe not taking as many pre-orders (despite offering a MW3 Prestige Token)? Poor GAME.

  3. Dem… sales…

  4. how’d you like dem apples ea? ^_^

  5. How much longer until we have last years COD and the new one in the top 10 sales charts? The other spots will be filled by generic shooters from other publishers. #cantwait #imkiddingkillmenow

  6. Awesome news, though if people were sensible they would pre-order from Sainsburys at the moment as they are the only place offering it for £35 (using voucher code of course)

    • if people were sensible the’d never pre-order a call of duty game. i got mw3 for £20 on release day and sold it for £30 in February.

      • Lol ok that is true :P I doubt I’ll buy it day-one but if I do I’ll see if Tesco do their “Game + £25 PSN credit for £50” deal like they did last year.

  7. Doubt they’ll be a price war with the supermarkets this year as there wasn’t one for MW3.

    • they above was at tesco with a five pound voucher for the game i got on a receipt.

  8. Surely everyone knows not to preorder this as there are always last minute launch day deals. Normally supermarkets have the best ones.

  9. I hope this game miserably fails on PS3. Also I’d like to see how many of those preorders are on 360, I’d say about 70% of them.
    Just let COD die or bring back the old IW team.

    • the sales are almost three times that of the ps3 i’d say 70%’s around right. i’m surprised they even release a PC version since the seem to hate us so much with no cod elite, patches months after consoles and dlc whenever they feel like being generous.

      • that makes it sound like i bought it on pc, i didn’t since i like to think i’m not an idiot.

    • Why do you want it to be bad on PS3. It makes you sound like a pathetic fanboy.

      • Erm it’s Treyarch, all their games are buggy and pieces of cr*p on PS3. Why should we PS3 players pay the same as 360 users for a game that looks like cr*p and plays like cr*p.
        Blops 2 will be no different. Only skilled developers can code for the PS3.

  10. I bought blops on PC, i’m an idiot, never again….
    PS. I cant think why people would buy this.

    • Why would one buy you ask?

      As a great icon brought up in one of his speeches to the masses.

      “pew pew pew”


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