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DICE Looking At Offline Modes For Star Wars Battlefront

Guillaume Mroz, a designer and scripter at DICE, has let slip that the team are looking at making more of Star Wars Battlefront playable offline. He does say there are “technical difficulties” getting the game to work offline – presumably the increased number of AI opponents – but they are aware fans are clamouring for the modes.


The news follows an earlier report in which an EA customer service representative said the team were working on offline mode and “they have progressed quite a bit.”

Source: Wccftech


  1. I guess there are those who are already playing the game who are requesting this feature but unless they create proper sp story missions the game will still probably only appeal to those who are already playing it.

    • To me, it seems kind of weird that this is giving them issues – From what I understand, the general gameplay kind of follows a mission structure anyway (sort of) in that there is at least an objective, so all they need to do is remove the objective from one team & then replace said team with bots. Give it some cutscenes & some kind of mission narrative &… done?

      Have a couple of missions where you take a specific hero or villain to complete an objective (such as rescuing someone/ a group of people who you then have to protect as you Sherpa them somewhere, or a villain heading somewhere to maybe destroy something/a leader of a group or something).

      Unfortunately, last night highlighted the problem with online only games (in that they don’t really work as intended if there is no network behind them), so it would be in everyone’s interest if games came with a way to play them by yourself, should it be required.

      • I doubt very much you will get cut scenes and narrative. This will purely be the multiplayer, but offline with bots. They aren’t making a new single player campaign.

    • A first-person shooter which relies on bots and increasing waves of difficulty just doesn’t appeal to me, online or off.

  2. I’ve been very close to buying this several times, and an offline bot mode could swing it. It’s always nice to know your games could still be played even after servers are closed or the online population diminishes.

    • Definitely. But have you seen the new PSN price? At £28 it’s most definitely good value mate, assuming you’re a Star Wars fan :)

  3. If they can do exactly what Gears of War 2 and 3 done (Offline multiplayer with Bots with difficulty of your own choosing) as the previous Gears Online MP is far too quiet and the Ultimate Edition is Busy although still disappointed that there is no Bots involved and the fact they have removed Warzone in Rank matches since Halloween!
    Will still think about it and I really hope all Devs follow that since we are paying the game in order to keep it (working order) really wanted to keep The Crew! (If the Crew gets an offline mode I’d seriously will re-purchase it again)

  4. Awesome! Any features from the old games will be much appreciated. A very fulfilling complete edition is looking highly promising!

  5. This would make it much more fun, to be able to play more modes in offline splitscreen, especially if its competitive, not co-operative.

  6. I must have played 100s of hours on the PS2 battlefront games, in splitscreen online multiplayer. It was probably my first multiplayer shooter experience, alongside Medal of Honour rising son.

    Also I reiterate, the first original game didn’t have a linear story campaign. It had some premade conquest/TDM matches with some movie clips as background. No. 2 had more of an original story with you following the 501st Clone Division, and their transformation to Imperial Stormtroopers, but the ‘missions’ were essentially offline custom matches again like in the 1st.

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