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10 Things I'm Really Liking About Far Cry 5

The best bear.

When you’re going into a Far Cry game, you generally know what you’re getting yourself into these days. There’s a big open world, there’s lots of people and animals roaming the lands, many of which will want to attack you, there’s all of these enemy encampments to take on, whether stealthily or all guns blazing.

Far Cry 5 doesn’t really change any of that side of things, but there’s a lot of the way these moments are tied together that has been reworked, and smaller touches that I really enjoyed. Having played the game last week, here’s ten things I really like the look of in Far Cry 5, or eight depending on how you want to count them!

A darker story

The Project at Eden’s Gate cult are some pretty dark antagonists. Where previous games have taken players to various corners of the world with drug dealers and deranged militaristic leaders to contend with, these are Americans and that removes a lot of the sense of detachment you might have. The opening scene where you attempt to arrest Joseph Seed sets them up as a very real, very threatening and very dangerous cult.

Of course, the game doesn’t stay that way, and as you head out into the rest of Hope County, you’ll be barraged by the same cocktail of action against an endless stream of cultists and hyperactive nonsense. We just hope that, for those who want more of this darker tone, Joseph Seed and his followers live up to the billing later in the game.

You create your own character

Given that you’re playing a first person shooter with a silent protagonist, this one’s pretty low on the features list, but you can pick your character’s gender, look and clothing early on in the game. That changes some of the dialogue from enemies and other characters, and only really comes into play if you join a co-op game with a friend, where this becomes your avatar. It’s a minor, yet pleasant touch from Ubisoft.

A breath of the wilderness

There’s actually something of Link’s latest adventure to Far Cry 5 and its world structure. After the arrest of Seed goes very, very wrong, you come around in Dutch’s bunker, a conspiracy theorist in his own right who begrudgingly decides that you’re the lesser of two evils by far.

Similar to Breath of the Wild, you then venture out onto his secluded island, that just so happens to be right slap bang in the middle of the map. It’s here that you learn the game’s basics, taking out Peggies, capturing an output, and climbing a tower, but from that point on you can head out to any part of the map you want to take on any part of the cultist operation you fancy. The world design is much more freeform, which brings us to…

No more Ubisoft Towers!

The Ubisoft Towers have been done away with! OK, so you do climb a tower on Dutch’s island, but Ubisoft give a knowing wink to the camera at this point. To find things to do, you’re running around liberating towns, grabbing maps from tables, talking to people, helping NPCs, or simply bumbling your way into a situation. With the Resistance Meter deciding your progress in an area, it’s really up to you to take on the world however you see fit.

A Steep-style map

I really like the map in Far Cry 5, as it takes a leaf out of Steep’s book, letting you smoothly zoom in and see a ton of the detail that you’ll see on the ground, like buildings and trees. There’s a feel of the 3D Apple and Google maps you might use to check out a trip you’re about to take.

If this becomes a Ubisoft trope, I won’t be complaining. It’s really cool!

Hurk is back, and he’s brought the whole family

I’m sure I’ve spotted Hurk in one or two screenshots or trailers, but now it’s absolutely certain that he’s back in a pretty big way in Far Cry 5, bringing his family along with him. It seems that he hails from Montana in the first place, and his dad’s a very highly… opinionated chap, shall we say…

There’s also a nice little easter egg in that Hurk’s brought back a bunch of boxes from his trips to Kyrat, Rook Islands and more.

Hire some of the Guns, Fangs and Friends for Hire

The whole ‘for hire’ system is bloody great, I tell you, and it’s actually point the next few points on this list. Just having the option to have someone there who’s got your back for when things go south is a good one, and the AI is such that they’ll follow your lead nicely, whether it’s stealth or all out action that you go for.

However, where there’s Guns for Hire, which can be many of main characters in the game or basic generated NPCs, you’ve also got Fangs for Hire, which brings us to…

Cheeseburger the Bear

Everyone loved Boomer the Dog from E3 last year, the scruffy looking mongrel that can sniff out and mark enemies for you, but Cheeseburger the Bear is even better in my books. He’s pretty adorable once you rescue him with an offering of salmon, and he’ll viciously defend you from attack wolves, wildlife and obviously cultists as well.

Just don’t actually feed him cheeseburgers. He might love them, but he’s got diabetes. The poor bear.

You can play the whole game in co-op

Where you could only mess around with the open world in Far Cry 4’s co-op, making it feel like more of an afterthought than an integral feature, Far Cry 5 lets you do everything together. Side missions, main story missions, even things like Clutch Nixon’s stunt trials. The one downside to that is that if one player fails the stunt trial, then both players fail.

Best of all, you can combine all these ‘for hire’ systems together. Playing co-op, you can bring Cheeseburger along for a little extra backup, or you can have multiple guns for hire, mixing up stealthy bow and arrow types with those toting SMGs, or even Nick Rye in his plane.

The grass looks really, really good

Every time I play Far Cry 5, I come away impressed by the way it looks. Far Cry has always been about creating these vibrant worlds filled with thick flora that’s full of the local fauna. They’ve always had great looking environments, but Far Cry 5 takes that to the next level, in my opinion..

There’s some really thick and really great looking grass in this game, mixed in with different types of shrubbery and plantlike. Again, Far Cry 4 and Primal looked similarly great, but Far Cry 5 goes that extra step in how it blends together so that it really feels like this is grass you can actually hide in.

So yeah, great looking grass. I bet you didn’t expect that to be on this list!

That’s all for this list, but there’s one extra thing that I couldn’t include because the embargo hasn’t lifted just yet. For a certain cachet of Far Cry fans, it’s going to be dead exciting, so see you tomorrow, I guess?

  1. bunimomike
    Since: Jul 2009

    So genuinely excited to play this in co-op so it’s great to see things shaping up well. :-)

    Comment posted on 05/03/2018 at 13:26.
  2. tactical20
    Since: May 2010

    In an era of gaming where there’s only 4 or 5 games that I’m really interested in per year, this is definitely one of them.

    Comment posted on 05/03/2018 at 17:54.