Launch night fever

It’s Harry Potter Eve and across the land, at the rather apt Witching hour, shops will open to sell the latest, no doubt greatest, and final Potter book. To get into the mood I popped along to the local hoodlums’ hangout, where I watched the newest Harry Potter film, The Order of The Phoenix. I apologise in advance for this, but there’s only one word to describe it: magical.

And now, while I ought to be pondering outpatient waiting lists and the mysteries of the data warehouse, I’m wondering what the waiting time will be at Asda if I show up just after midnight to get the latest book.

These launch events aren’t a new thing, but I’ve never braved one before. Have you? Let us know your experiences of launch events, be it for a console or a game, or even an earlier Potter book. We’re all a bit mental round here, but surely some of you can best us?