GTA IV: 360 version the best?

Games Radar are reporting that Rockstar have said the 360 version of GTA IV is the ‘complete experience’ – Rockstar says that 360’s GTA IV is the ‘complete experience’.

The question is whether this matters to the majority of gamers out there? Is this move going to stop people from buying a PS3 or will it make PS3 owners buy a 360? I doubt that sufficient numbers will be swayed either way for it to have any real impact. The GTA games aren’t generally completed in 20 minutes, so will the DLC even be an issue for most people?

Still, there is an element of sadness at missing out on something extra, but it’s not nearly enough to be used as justification for the purchase of a new console. If GTA IV had been 360-exclusive, then perhaps things would be different.

Does this matter to you? Have Sony let you down by not securing this DLC for the PS3? Or are you just looking forward to the life-eating beast that will be GTA IV and aren’t worried about the DLC?

Let us know what you think.