Here’s The First Heavenly Sword Movie Trailer

Here’s your first trailer for the Heavenly Sword movie. We had a little bit of discussion behind the scenes as to whether this was legitimate – it hasn’t been flaunted by the producers just yet and it hasn’t appeared on the PlayStation blogs.

However, Blockade, who are producing this and the Ratchet & Clank movie, teased something big yesterday on their Twitter stream. We assume this is it.

What do you think? It seems to catch an interesting tone, although I’d expected slightly different visuals. Perhaps they’re leaning into the videogame roots for this film and purposely styling it like a high fidelity cut scene?


  1. Would like to see a sequel instead :(

  2. Torv? Sold.

  3. Not really feeling it. The animation looks OK but not nearly good enough for a movie in my opinion. Is this going to hit the big screen or is it a straight to DVD thing? I can’t imagine this attracting the masses to a movie theatre.

  4. That’s a surprise, hopefully it’ll garner interest for a game sequel.

  5. There is a listing on Anna Torvs IMDB page saying its in post production.

  6. Is this a reenacting of the game? All scenes feels like they are/could have been in the game… I tried to find old shots that look the same but only the close up of Narikos eye and the panning over the Sword looked exactly the same.

  7. The CGI in this trailer looked very poor, especially the last 15 seconds of the trailer. To me it feels like a very good fake.

    • I agree, it’s not got the quality you’d expect even from an indie production. It looks like it could’ve been made using a PC game and some clever modding and skinning. Might go back and get a copy of Heavenly Sword, now I’ve broken my hack n slash virginity :)

  8. Trailers from CD Project and Blizzard look miles and miles better, surely this can’t be the real deal?

  9. This is the original trailer from the game, I watched it about a year ago. Definitely is.

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