European Warhawk Date Still Not Set

With the US release of multiplayer AAA title Warhawk only 3 weeks away, surely someone at SCEE should be letting us know when we’re going to be able to play it? Whilst prices were announced last week for the download and Blu-Ray versions (which translate to about £30/£50 for us) in the States, and a set date of the 28th of this month, nobody at Sony is saying anything about a European release.

We can probably expect some news at the Leipzig Games Convention later this month, but that doesn’t start until the 23rd so unless they’re going to pull a ‘it’s out this week’ on us chances are it won’t be a worldwide simultaneous release at all.


However, with previous PSN downloads happily playing on a European machine (Calling All Cars, for example) if the delay is more than a couple of weeks then we’ll have to go down that route again. Here’s hoping not…