PS3’s Buzz! Quiz TV

Sony have repeatedly championed efforts to bring non-gamers into the gaming fold. EyeToy and SingStar are perfect examples of this, and along with Buzz! they’ve made games appeal to a new demographic. So, it was great to see the news about the PS3 version of Buzz! at Leipzig. It’s not just a graphical overhaul that we’ll be seeing, but a complete change of focus.

Buzz! Quiz TV will take the quiz show from the confines of your own living room out onto the PlayStation Network (PSN). Downloadable content (DLC) will be a huge part of the new game, both from the developers and even from other players.

It’s scheduled to launch in March 2008, when you’ll be able to buy the Blu-ray disc featuring 5000 questions divided across 5 channels; Music, Movies and TV, Sports, Knowledge, and Lifestyle. You’ll be able to mix-n-match questions from all the channels, or do a Mastermind and specialise. The studio graphics will alter depending on the channel you’re currently answering a question from, and with this all now being in glorious HD, it’s going to look spectacular.

Buzz! will be very flexible to allow you to tailor a quiz to your own specification:

. play based solely on your most recently downloaded pack

. play based on the relevant channel (incorporating your new content)

. play ‘Quiz Hopper’ – a mode that uses all of your existing multi-channel content as well as questions from your new pack

DLC will incorporate specific questions based on geographical location too, so you might find yourself being quizzed on your local sports team. You did know you had a local sports team, right?

But perhaps the most interesting feature is the option to create your own quiz questions and upload and share them via the MyBuzz community web site. These can then be used by other Buzz! players and they can be rated via the PS3 or a PC too. Online leagues and tournaments are promised, so you’ll finally get to know if you are an Egghead or just a chav.

March 2008 can’t come soon enough – we’re buzzing for this.