Buzz Gets Home Space

Man, this must have been hard to keep quiet.  Thankfully, all is now revealed, as the conceptual designs for Buzz!’s Home space are now out in the open for everyone to enjoy.


Under request from SCEE via the game’s creative director, Cumron’s art production company, Helium Graphics, was given the great job of visualising how a Home space could work for Buzz!. According to the designer, the brief was very simple: taking the images below (created by Relentless’ art director, Ben Lee) Helium was to produce a Home based version of Buzz! where players could meet and play Buzz! collectively without owning the game.

To answer the questions, players need only walk on the correct coloured square before the timer ran out to proceed.  The end result resembles a ‘road show’ which is a cross between a TV studio and a music venue, with space for knocked out players to stand and watch the remainder of the show.

Cumron then started with the Home SDK and PS3 Dev kits, and the work obviously paid off, because in our opinion the Buzz! Home space looks fantastic, and apparently only took 5 weeks to build.  The designer says Sony are happy as were Relentless, and apparently the concept has been continued by Relentless internally and should be online soon.

Really, really smart, and we can’t wait to see what else is up SCEE’s sleeves when we finally get our grubby hands all over Home.  Until then, keep dreaming…

Note: We need try to seek permission for the use of the images, but couldn’t get in touch directly with the author.