Tokyo Game Show 2007 – PS3 Predictions

With the Tokyo Game Show 2007 only days away, we thought it was high time to peer into the crystal ball and predict what we think will be announced during the show. There’s a Sony keynote, so whilst we’re not expecting E3/Leipzig levels of stuff, Japan is obviously very important to the PS3’s future, and there will be some cool stuff unveiled. Right?

Home: we reckon a full open roll-out of Home won’t happen until 2008 now. It’s entirely possible that during TGS we’ll hear lots about Home, and will get more details on an open beta, but the concept of Home is an embryonic, evolving experience and whatever version is out for Christmas won’t be complete until next year.

Team ICO: if it’s not a direct sequel to Ico or Shadow of the Colossus we’re at least expecting something just as grand in scale and scope. We’ve been waiting for anything from Team Ico for months, and the silence just indicates that they’re simply working far too hard to stop to write a press release.

Dual Shock 3: or ‘Shockaxis’ – whatever you want to call it – we need to see it, Sony. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say the successor to the Sixaxis will have force feedback in the sticks themselves. Remember, vibration is last-gen, but proper resistance could be fantastic and really add to the experience, especially in racing games.

White Knight Story: this will be the game of the show. Nuff said.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: will be playable in it’s near-final form, with hopefully some kind of LAN set-up for AI-less multiplayer. We’ll find out all five track names and might even get a final car list. There’s even a (slim) chance that we’ll get first details on GT5 proper.

PSN: the PlayStation Network is just starting to get into it’s stride lately, with great stuff from Japan like PixelJunk Racers and Piyotama, but TGS will show more of EchoChrome and hopefully some stuff we don’t even know about yet.

Metal Gear Solid 4: either the main game, or MGS4 Online will surely be playable in one form or another, which would obviously be quite brilliant, even if it’s just the demo section we’ve all seen several times.

We’ll have all of the news from TGS this week (which probably won’t look like any of the above) as it happens. Stay tuned!