Final Fantasy VII Remake – Endless Crisis

It’s almost time for TGS, and where better than native Japan for Square Enix to say ‘Yes, we’re doing a remake of FFVII, and it’s called Endless Crisis’? Well, those are the thoughts of the crazy folk over at 2ch (massive Japanese message board site) who also seem to think the full list from Squeenix will be the following:

1. Endless Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation 3)
2. Final Fantasy XIII (PlayStation 3)
3. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PlayStation 3)
4. Kingdom Hearts (working title) (PlayStation 3)
5. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories 2 (Nintendo DS)
6. Kingdom Hearts 0 (PSP)
7. Star Ocean 4 (PlayStation 3)

There’s a TGS-themed Famitsu magazine due out tomorrow so we’ll know for sure then, if not the day after when TGS starts proper. If it’s true, though, this will be huge.

Via Jeux France