Killzone 2 Is So Good

We all know that one of the biggest game launches in history is just around the corner. It’s the new killer FPS to end all FPSs. Believe that if you will. Well, actually we do believe it. Why? Because the BBC have just broadcast a little segment about the Halo 3 launch. Except that Halo 3 is clearly so short in the graphics department, that the BBC chose to use Killzone 2 footage instead.

So, there you go, not only is Killzone 2 clearly the only FPS worth talking about, but people are so embarrassed by Halo 3 they figure it’s better to use the completely awesome looking Killzone 2 to promote it.

We can only imagine the howls of derision as 360 owners boot up Halo 3 for the first time. Whether that’s because the game doesn’t look like Killzone 2 or because their machine has just stopped working we don’t know, but either one is a good bet.

Or check it out for yourself. Believe!