FW 2.01 Released

As mentioned last week, Sony have released firmware 2.01 for the PS3 this morning, which is now available for download. It’s clearly just a few bug fixes, and although it’s pretty vague we’re assuming this will help with Assassin’s Creed crashing, will speed up the Information Board and will stop the daft overscanning on PS2 upscaling. The Remote Start fix is obvious. Here’s the full list:

• Stability during playing some PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been improved.
• Stability of System Software including Internet Browser and Information Board has been improved.
• Stability of the upscaler for PlayStation 2 format software has been improved. (Playability of PlayStation 2 depends on model)
• [Remote Start] feature is changed to avoid unintended power on.

Direct download here – drop onto a memory stick and place in PS3/UPDATE/ as usual.