Omega Dawn / KT-242 Dropship Playtest

The already brilliant Warhawk is about to get much, much better – the Omega Dawn download and the 1.2 patch are both due later this month, but we’ve got some impressions in of the new Dropship that we want to share with you.

The amazing new KT-242 Dropship apparently turns a full 90 degrees when firing its missile launcher (which has lock-on) just like naval battleships used to do, and as for speed we’re told it flies just a little faster than a ground tank moves in battle mode, but also has a Warhawk-like faster mode which is about the speed of a jeep. Dropships are equipped with 3 chaffs, and can’t pick up new weapons.

The on-board Dropship weaponry really kicks arse though, and when you man the turret the camera zooms in close so you can see the cannons at your sides. Picking up and dropping vehicles is done via the circle button, but you need to be at a low altitude to do this, just like dismounting a Warhawk. You can only switch position within the Dropship when you’re near to the ground, too.

Update: videos are now available as proof.