PSN Content: 10/01/08

A little birdie tells us both Pain and Everyday Shooter are due for the UK PSN Store later today. We’re marking this under ‘rumour’ mind until we know for sure, but as ever we’ll update this post with the full list once we have it confirmed. There’s also a chance we’d get High Velocity Bowling, too, as it’s up on the Australian website for release today.

Pixeljunk Monsters will hit the US PSN Store next week, that we do know.

Update: well, what a pile of absolute shite. Seriously, Sony, what the hell are you doing? No Pain. No Everyday Shooter. No Bowling. Forget the fact that our source obviously lied, it’s irrelevant – these games should be out in Europe and it’s disgusting that they’re not. Instead we get two pathetic Motorstorm tracks (both are like 30 seconds long and feature no tickets), two dodgy old PSOne games (N2O and Hardcore 4×4) and an extra folk for Folklore. We’ll forgive them the last two weeks’ appalling updates, but this isn’t good enough. We’ll be contacting SCEE tomorrow.