Pain To Return As A Free To Play Title

Sony have announced that the PSN title Pain is to return as a free-to-play game.

The game is being updated by Sony’s new Argentinian studio, QB9, who have taken over development duties from original coders Idol Minds.

Sony revealed the new version of the game at the Brazil Game Show and said “all the original content and gameplay mechanics remain intact,” including the multi-player bowling mode.

Presumably they will make money from selling new characters to catapult, Sony released nearly forty flingable humans for the game including Fat Princess, David Hasselhoff, Buzz and George Takei.

Source: Polygon


  1. My best mate and I still play Pain every time he’s round. It’s just ridiculous fun.

  2. Would make a great Vita title.

  3. Used to play this quite a lot, fun game. However it always seemed to have a new patch everytime I played it.

  4. Me and my cousin often play this, I’ve bought all of the stages but few of the characters as the DLC is overpriced.

    It can be hilarious when played with the right people. Just discovering cool things hidden around the stages is interesting.

    The game still holds up well for its age.

  5. Liked it, one of those titles I couldn’t bring myself to delete to free space. Hope they do something new with it

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