Everyday Shooter this Thursday

Well, we have a source that says the PSN game Everyday Shooter, that was released in America in October, is finally coming to the EU PSN store this Thursday.

Why has it taken so long? Well, we don’t know, but we’re sure there a very good excuse reason for it. We should all be thankful that we’re finally starting to get some games again – with Sky Diving last week, Everyday Shooter this week – what’s next, the much elusive Pain?

However, we’ve been badly-sourced many times before on the subject of long over-due UK PSN releases, so we’re still going to treat this as a rumour for now. We’ll confirm this for you on Thursday, and we’re hoping the day will yield good results.

Now, everybody, cross your fingers, pray, meditate, sacrifice a lamb, whatever, just do what you believe brings good luck. I’m gonna go do the sunshine dance.