Ninja Theory Making a New Game

Ninja Theory, the makers of the fantastic if short Heavenly Sword have announced that they are working on another game. Their recently refurbished site shows some concept art that looks very different to Heavenly Sword, so it’s not a sequel (which is unfortunate, but also good in its own way).

The art looks rather futuristic, suggesting a completely different setting from the game that put them on the map, Heavenly Sword. They had this to say;

Right now we’re working on an exciting new concept that has got everyone we talk to buzzing. We can’t say a lot except that it’s going to be great to work on and should be even better to play! It’ll take all the things we loved about Heavenly Sword and make them bigger and better than ever before.

It sounds intriguing, lets hope it’s good, we see no reason why it wouldn’t be, following up Heavenly Swords with a completely new game and setting sounds like a good idea to us.