Home, and why NDAs suck

Everyone wants to talk about Home, but as far as we were concerned most of the information regarding Home (apart from dodgy release guesses, of course) is meant to be kept under wraps, but with folk leaking screenshots, movies and even news of specific game integration roadmaps, we actually wonder.

Kotaku wonder too, and once again have decided to throw the info out to the World. Yes, Resistance Fall of Man (and it’s sequel) will have dedicated Home areas, and you’ll be able to freeroam around empty levels and listen to bonus audio content right from Home itself. Yes, Uncharted will offer the same feature, plus a side-on 2D subgame that plays much like the 16-bit classic Another World, and yes Warhawk will have it’s own ‘war room‘ which will not only serve as a launchpad for starting Warhawk games, but also double as a tactical base for discussing and planning team strategies.


Awesome, awesome news. And the ‘party’ (read: stress test) last night? We’re sure it’ll be up somewhere soon.