PlayStation Day Predictions

Tomorrow sees PlayStation Day 2008, at the 02 in London. We’ll be bringing you all the news and gossip as it happens, but until then we thought we’d dig out the crystal ball and ask resident psychic Mystic Matt what he thinks we’ll see at the event:

PlayStation Day 2008


We’ll see something, but not a beta release date. Matt reckons we’ll see the game spaces though – Killzone, Warhawk and Uncharted will all have their own dedicated Home areas within the system with mini games and other goodies.

We do think that Home will be a major part of the keynotes though, and we’ll hear how developers are embracing the home spaces and other areas of Home within future games. Home is a SCEE-developed title, so we’re sure to get something…

PlayStation Day 2008

Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift:

Definitely see this, with the new subtitle as we mentioned yesterday. Matt reckons it’ll be playable, too, and Sony will be showing off a new bumper cam that’ll hopefully bring the visuals close to that E3 2005 trailer. Motorstorm is due in time for Christmas.

PlayStation Day 2008

Resistance 2:

Again, there’s a great chance that this will be playable, but Matt reckons it’ll be under strict control and photography won’t be allowed. Perhaps it’ll be a multiplayer only demo tomorrow. 1080p and 60fps? We’ll see.

PlayStation Day 2008

Killzone 2:

Again, another definite. Chances are it’ll be a brand new level, and possibly some multiplayer. We should also hear some kind of a release date.

PlayStation Day 2008

Buzz, SingStar 2:

For sure. Matt says SCEE will be heavily playing their social gaming card tomorrow, with special seated areas for both Buzz and SingStar 2, the latter game probably ready for shipping as soon as the weather starts to turn ‘British’. Both games are massive family friendly titles, with Buzz in particular appealing to non-gamers as much as anything on the Wii.

PlayStation Day 2008

8 Days, The Getaway 3, Infamous, Heavy Rain:

Yup. In some form.

PlayStation Day 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4:

Absolutely. Matt’s banking his house on a feature-complete version of MGS 4 with plenty of playable areas and possibly a new trailer introduced by Kaz himself. There’s also a chance of news of a special MGS 4 bundle for us Europeans, but we’ll wait and see on that one.

We’ll probably also hear about ‘how successful’ the MGO Beta has been, to much applause. Ahem.

PlayStation Day 2008


Yes, Haze will be there and – shock horror – it’s actually going to be pretty good. With only a couple of weeks to go, we’re expecting Haze to be rock solid visually and sporting some nifty multiplayer modes alongside the finished single player campaign tomorrow.

PlayStation Day 2008


And of course, current SCEE darling LBP will take centre stage, be fully playable and Matt reckons we’ll hear something about a beta. Expect great things from the guys at Media Molecule.

We’re also sure a long of the presentation will be on PSN titles, including the likes of Wipeout HD. We’ve already revealed the download line-up for this week, but expect news and announcements on new PSN titles, although don’t count on anything from Team ICO.

So, let’s home there’s at least some of the above tomorrow. Mystic Matt has worn out his balls predicting the future for us, but as of next week he’s available for parties and bar mitzvahs as usual. See you tomorrow…