PS3 To Get A Wiimote?

The only thing keeping TSA from GTA IV recently has been our pursuit of tennis perfection on Wii Sports. Inspired by the red clay of Roland Garros and a loft-clearout that brought a reacquaintance with tennis trophies of old, we’ve been swinging the Wiimote like a Slazenger.

True, Wii Tennis bears as much resemblance to the real game as Michael does to a competent video gamer, but once you’ve got the hang of the controls, Wii Tennis is one of the most compulsive video games ever.


With all this in mind, when we got wind of this little story – PS3 Wiimote-a-like – we practically wet our collective selves.

We can only imagine how life-changingly awesome this would be. It’s such a great story that true or not, we are going to believe it’s true in direct proportion to how rubbish Haze is.