FW 2.40 Not Until July?

Ah, the old Firmware debate. Will it, won’t it? Well, the latest rumours point to “no” – it appears that the next Firmware update, 2.40, won’t make it in June. Regular readers will know we like to keep at least one eye on NeoGAF – because of it’s size and reputation it’s fairly common for industry types and developers to have accounts and post comments behind the veil of a username. After all, this latest batch of 2.40 rumours started on NeoGAF anyway.

The latest posts there on the topic of Firmware 2.40 include ‘Looks like we won’t see this update until July… Technical issues (that) need to be ironed out‘ from one poster and ‘Well put it like this, the version I touched needed to be fixed, it’s possible that it could come out by end of (the) month but who’s to say how fast the Sony ninjas are? I only had one gripe but there are still tweaks that need to be done.‘ from another.

So, it looks like some people have seen Firmware 2.40 in action, but don’t think it’s quite ready yet. Remember Sony haven’t yet issued a date for the new update or even announced anything official, people just expected it in June because of the proximity to Metal Gear Solid 4, but it now looks like it could be into July before we get our hands on it. As ever, as soon as Sony announce anything it’ll be up on the official blog – until then everything is conjecture.