Video Uploading Since 2.20?

Everyone’s naturally excited about the upcoming Firmware 2.40, not least of all us. One of the new Firmware’s key bullet points is the ability to upload video content, but we’ve learned this morning that for debug users this has apparently been there since Firmware 2.20.

This naturally lends weight to the rumours that Firmware 2.40 will offer functionality for users to be able to upload their content to YouTube, hopefully from within any game, alongside the much rumoured Trophies and in-game messaging.

Quite often the debug Firmwares have functions not yet available in the retail Firmwares, and Sony use these opportunities to test out new functionality. This simply appears to the case with video uploading.

Note that TheSixthAxis does not have access to a debug PlayStation 3 and thus cannot formally verify this information as fact.