The Elusive 2.40: Not This Week

Jeff Rubenstein, Social Media Manager over the pond there, has quashed rumours that we’re getting Firmware 2.40 this week. In a reply to a question regarding 2.40 on his “What we read” blog thread yesterday he says:

You know the drill – a few days before firmware updates, we give you the lowdown. That hasn’t changed. What else hasn’t changed: if you don’t see it here, take what you read with a grain of salt.


He doesn’t mean that literally, we’re not a shot of Tequila, but it looks like we’re going to see it the much-hyped Firmware 2.40 unless it magically appears on the US Blog this morning. It won’t, of course, as TheSixthAxis has said before: expect 2.40 in July, and not before…

Via PlayStationLifeStyle.