PS3 Gamercards Are Coming, Right?

Whilst the World and his little yappy dog is poised for Firmware 2.40, something we’ve covered in detail before, we want to look beyond the in-game messaging and custom music and see what else Sony have planned for us. Recent ‘leaks’ of what appear to be some kind of PS3 Gamercard are the most intriguing, although this notion isn’t new with the option being around since last August.

PS3 Gamer Card

This is (obviously) a mock up, based on what information we have just now. What we do know is that there are three tabs to this ‘Gamercard’, and this is the first – your profile. This will show your PSN ID, the current game you’re playing and how well you’re doing at that particular game in terms of trophies and your ‘level’.

Tapping R1 will show you the second tab, which at the moment shows trophy totals in some kind of tiered system. This was originally thought to be just for each game, but we here at TSA think this is a universal system, with the tab showing a trophy total for all games.

PS3 Gamer Card 2

If Sony expand on this, and (for example) default ‘Platinum’ level players to ‘hard mode’ on new games this could work really well, although we’re sure in time that everyone will manage to attain Platinum given enough easy games, something that has plagued the Xbox 360 with people actually buying and renting the least difficult games to up their ‘Gamerscore’.

PS3 Gamer Card 3

The last tab will apparently be some kind of ‘Compare‘ page, which will allow you to (obviously) compare your trophies with other players and your friends, something that’s already on the Xbox 360 but is slightly clunky to navigate. We’ll see soon enough.

Disclaimer: the contents of this article should be considered as rumours. We do not have access to development versions of the 2.40 firmware. ‘Gamercard’ mock-up images and PSN ID used as examples only.