PlayStation EDGE

Sadly, this ‘press release’ on NeoGAF is fake, but the principles behind it are worth mentioning. With Sony going all ‘online’ on us recently, with decent upgrades to the Store and plenty of potential coming very soon in 2.40, we wouldn’t put it past them to do something else with Trophies than just willy-waving.

The humourous made-up press release talks about a way that Sony might offer free gifts, discounts and Store credit in exchange for your Trophies, which we all know are coming very soon. If this does come to fruition we’d be more than happy to cash in a couple of Golds for an Everybody’s Golf course, for example, so let’s hope Sony are reading, at the least, and get this kind of reward system in place.

However, this hasn’t stopped TalkPlayStation, SonyPS3News and VideoGaming247 falling for it, and we’re sure there’ll be others…