Firmware 2.40 Reveal – In Game XMB

Right on cue, here’s the in-game XMB presentation from the US Blog. Watch the video, as it’s essential viewing, and then we’ll discuss exactly what was shown:


Firstly, note that it’s the full XMB so all the previous claims of limited options were lies: the video clearly shows access to the PlayStation Store, for starters. Also, Eric shows us that you don’t now need to quit a game to start another, assuming it’s one that’s stored on the hard drive. In the example above he starts up PixelJunk Monsters without having to reset GT 5 Prologue, which is a really neat feature.

Secondly, you can now access your downloads queue in-game, which is neat. Presumingly you can also start an install once said download has completed, and then jump right into that game too. It appears that if you want to start a photo slideshow you’ll need to quit out of the game, though. We like the ability to check your Bluetooth settings too, without having to quit back out.

In-game sountracks look cool, although as Eric says this isn’t the final final 2.40, so things could change – in fact as far as we can see the date on the clock is the 19th of June, so this version of 2.40 is roughly two weeks old. To change tracks simple bring up the XMB again, and scroll to the top of the music menu to see the options that resemble a CD player.

Cute that all the ‘industry insiders’ hadn’t mentioned the Google Search function, too, which is obviously based on the one the PSP recently got, with the customised search results window. It’s actually far more useful than you might think, especially as it saves your searches for future use.

Finally, as we hinted at previously, the XMB now has a clock in the top right corner. The Trophies video should in the next couple of days. We can’t wait.