2.40: Still Being Worked On

Well, the PS3’s firmware checker file is still pointing to 2.36 (at the time of writing) so we’re assuming 2.40 still hasn’t been fixed. We’re not brash enough to be bothering SCEE for updates, but Loot Ninja have contacted Jeff Rubenstein over the pond at SCEA and he says the engineers are “still examining the cause of the problem.”

Rest assured that as soon as the issues are fixed, you’ll be able to grab your 2.40 update. It would be nice to have some kind of update on the Blog or ThreeSpeech but if there’s nothing to say yet then there’s nothing to print.


All this must be a crushing blow to Sony, having hyped this release up more than any other Firmware, but we hope the fix is a trivial one and everyone can finally get their hands on the cool new features that 2.40 brings to the PS3.