PS3 Releases: 04/07/08

Every Friday we round up the PS3’s releases alongside brief playtests of as many of the games out that day as we can. This week is a quieter one than last week’s but there’s still at least one title worth your hard earned credits today, in our opinion.

Today - BCBuzz! Quiz TV
Shopto: £36.99 (with wireless buzzers)

And this is probably it. The quintessential PS3 party game (alongside SingStar, of course), Buzz! Quiz TV is an awesome post-pub experience with mates that’s just as good with the Mother-in-law on a sleepy Sunday afternoon, such is the ease at which non-gamers can pick up the Buzz! controllers and rely on their brain power rather than dexterity to compete. The PS3 version sticks mostly to the same formula, albeit with HD graphics and online play, and we’ll be reviewing it very, very soon.


Today - BCFerrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli
Shopto: £37.99

A bit of sleeper, to be honest, but IGN UK’s 8.3/10 review has our interested piqued. Apparently decent graphics, nice handling and potentially masses of downloadable content means that for Ferrari enthusiasts this could be the killer game this month. We’ve not played it yet, but we will soon enough and then we’ll pass on our thoughts, but if the game can replicate the distinct engine notes cleanly enough we’re sold.

Today - BCWall-E
Shopto: £29.99

I personally played this for a good couple of hours last night when we got the final review code through, which is much longer than most movie tie-ins. It’s not without it’s own distinct charm, combining platforming and puzzling, but the signposting is a bit loose and the game introduces too many aspects too quickly for younger players, although the difficulty curve is nice and smooth. Visually it’s a bit messy, but the main characters are cute enough and coupled with the film it’s probably a much better game. We’ll play more, and have the full TSA review up soon enough.