COD4 A Burden On PS3?

We love the 360. It’s got some great games, some killer online functionality and is a sexy machine to look at. But now, according to this site who’s talking about polygons like it’s 1999, it’s also twice as powerful and developing Call of Duty 4 on its rival, the PS3, was a ‘burden’. Author Daniel, usually a fairly balanced reviewer on the site and his contributor Mike Zoran don’t really seem to like the PS3 this weekend, and appear to have spent Friday writing about ‘cores’ and ‘fill-rates’ when they should have been nursing Independence Day hangovers, assuming of course that they’re American.

But who’s that chap thanked at the foot of the article – Mike Zoran? A quick Google and a check with the detectives on NeoGAF suggests that he could very well be the well-known Mike-MGOBlue. For the unaware, we’ve learnt this morning that Mike-MGO Blue posts all over the web advising on the virtues of the Xbox 360 and, as often as he can, pointing out the failings of the PS3. In fact, he was apparently exposed as being a stout Microsoft ‘fan’ 2 years ago, news to us, but something his ‘Microsoft Fanboy’ presence on Wikipedia would attest to. But who are we to say – it would be akin to getting TheSixthAxis to help you write an article about the Xbox 360 – it might provide a few laughs and get loads of hits but it’s not really going to be very fair. Basically, in our opinion, the article (despite having some factual content) doesn’t really get the message across because it’s held back by several inaccuracies and obvious flaws, thus:

The proof of this is the fact that Call of Duty 4 runs at a resolution of only 640p on both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3” – doesn’t it run at 600p, on both?

The FACT is that Call of Duty 4 is putting a much larger burden on the PS3 than it is the Xbox 360” – we don’t see that fact. We need an official comment from the developers, or some kind of performance analysis, which we reckon we won’t be getting and we also reckon the author doesn’t have himself.

The Xbox 360 can display approximately 500,000,000 polygons per second, compared to 275,000,000 polygons per second for the Playstation 3” – what’s the source on this? Searching for this figure only brings up other stories that the author has posted across the web.

If a multi-platform game running at 30 frames per second on the Playstation 3 uses 250,000,000 polygons or less, it gives the developers the ability to allow the Xbox 360 version to run at 60 frames per second, since 500,000,000 is double the number of 250,000,000” – that’s not really how it works, is it? For further information on this, we suggest this feature from mid 2006 slamming the sources quoted in the article.

Sadly, it often takes over TWENTY long minutes to write the game onto the PS3 hard drive” – hard drive installs can be a pain, yes, but there aren’t many that are over twenty minutes, in our recollection.

Xbox 360 has been declared the winner of the Graphics Comparison each of the three years: 2006, 2007, 2008” – true enough, although needs to be in context. The comparative differences are minor, especially on more recent titles.

This post (quoting Patrick, one of the staff from says it best, ripping the aforementioned article to shreds, finding factual errors throughout and claiming most of what he wrote is false – and although we personally don’t know the full specs of the PS3 (which we believe are under NDA) we’re tempted to agree with him, but we’re PS3 fanboys, right, so we would. We don’t doubt that the 360 is capable of amazing graphics, and often out-performs the PS3 in direct visual comparisons, but to suggest a 2-fold graphical power difference without concrete evidence is baffling and flat out wrong and it’s presence on such a reputable site as Product Reviews seems completely out of place.

Anyway, we’ll let the original comments on the article speak for themselves.

All news and information sourced from NeoGAF last night, where you can read much more on the subject along with plenty of posters of the same opinion as us, and find further links.

Note we’re not suggesting that Infinity Ward’s time on the PS3 wasn’t without effort – we’ve no idea whether or not developing on the PS3 is a burden. All we’re suggesting is the article linked isn’t really presenting the facts and opinions in the best possible way – if Infinity Ward come out and say ‘developing COD4 on the PS3 was a burden’ then we’ll be certain to post again.

Update: we were going to leave this, but we’ve just discovered another news story on the same site from a while back, containing little else than a massive long post by a ‘Kim Naroz’… This is all new to us, but searching for 275,000,000 polygons in Google reveals more, and apparently this individual has been called out by 1up’s Sam Kennedy in the past, albeit under a different name, if indeed this is the same Mike Zoran. Seriously, the Product Reviews website itself (and it’s staff) look like a reputable site for actual product reviews, and we understand that this was just a user comment, but it really has to stop featuring this kind of material in its main news items dressed as the views of the site, in our opinion.

Imagine if we based a story around our beloved Gazo? ;)