TSAN: Interested?

Back in the mists of time, when TSA was young and naive we started the TSA Network, or TSAN as we lovingly nicknamed it.  It was setup not long after Warhawk debuted and we hosted a few TSA games on our own server.  However, the uptake wasn’t great – but props to Borten who made sure he was always there! – and so the games died a death.  Now with the new patch for Warhawk and because there are a load of other games worthy of our online time, we thought we’d try again.

TSAN games are about fun, not about stat-boosting.  They’re a chance to make some new PSN friends from TSA and to hopefully promote games that are free from the annoyances found elsewhere on the PSN.


This post is about seeing what sort of interest there is from you lot out there in joining in some TSA games.  Think of the possibilities: Warhawk wars, Buzz Quiz Evenings, Everybody’s Golf Tournaments.  If you’re interested, please leave a comment and let us know.  If nothing else, anyone playing against moi is guaranteed some easy kills.