FFXIII Demo Details

According to GAF, this week’s Famitsu magazine has full details of the Final Fantasy XIII demo, alongside a full report from the DKS3713 event.  Apparently the playable demo of FFXIII (which we revealed was to be bundled with the FFVII Advent Children Blu-ray) will be on a PS3 disk, not the movie disk, which is good news because chances are the PS3 disk will be region free, even if the movie disk isn’t.

The demo itself will be from the game’s opening section, and will be longer than the Blu-ray movie lasts, so expect at least a 90 minute demo.  The magazine also has realtime screens of Agito and lots more info on FFXIII (about 20 screenshots).


Scans are floating about, but you’ll not find them here.