TSAN: Warhawk Fallen Star

You’re all gagging to try out those Icarus MK1s, so join us next week when the new Warhawk Pack, Fallen Star, is released.  TSA will be hosting a game taking place exclusively on the new map.  There will be the usual mix of game types, and hopefully some hilarity as we all fail to get to grips with the new stuff.

As usual, leave a comment if you plan on joining us.  We’ll bump this post nearer the time so you can all get the password.


See you in the skies – or face down in the dirt with a misfiring Jetpack on our back!


Date: 28/08/2008
Time: 19:30 (UK time) – this is subject to change if the servers are rammed with people trying to download the pack and I can’t actually download it!
Server: LordMooch
Password: woof
Warhawk Packs Required: Fallen Star