Resistance 2 Boxart

Whilst the Special Edition cover is still undecided, it appears the European standard version is set in stone, with ThreeSpeech getting the scoop on the box-art. Smashing.  What we’re more interested in is the screenshot above, from the Leipzig press kit.  Massive monster?  Check.  Retro Americana setting?  Check.  Don Yuwanta Biscuit company sign?  OH YES.  Brilliant.


This reminds us of a fun drinking game where you have to think of funny names for companies, like hair dressers.  You know, ‘a cut above the rest’, or ‘hair today, gone tomorrow’.   The next time we’re playing that game, we’re picking biscuit companies, and we’ll win with that one hands down.  That monster looks scary, though, right?  Brr.