Win LBP Swag!

After Gill’s brilliant foray into Manchester yesterday, braving not only people with an inability to correctly pronounce ‘er’ at the end of words, but also mad bus drivers more lost than she was, we finally have some LittleBigSwag to give away in a gloriously simple competition.

We want to see your best efforts for what LBP could stand for other than LittleBigPlanet, but still keeping them somewhat related to the game itself.  So, LBP means…You Decide!  Oooo, we’ve gone all LittleBigBrother on you.  For example: LovelyBouncyPlatformer.  But you’ll need to be funnier, obviously.  

The best effort as judged by our roving reporter will win the swag in the picture* – remember, you’ve got to be based in the UK to receive the prize.  Drop your entries in the comments below.

Closing date is 20/09/2008 @ 18:00 UK time.

* LBP postcards, iron-on transfers, badges, and SackBoy/SackGirl templates.



After reviewing the absolutely fantastic entries, our roving reporter came up with her six favourites.

Shrui – LinenBagPeople.

BennyBoy – LumpyBrownPeople.

rothbury – LaterallyBiasedPlatformer.

3shirts – LifeBecomesPlayStation.

seedaripper1973 – LovelyBigPlop.

BioEye – LunaticsBecomePowerful.

How the bang-on-the-money LevelBuildingPopit, and the supremely inventive LiterallyBiPolar didn’t get a mention, I’ll never know.  Oh, wait they have now.

So, on to the winner.  I can’t actually believe this, but the winner is…

seedarippers1973’s LovelyBigPlop, mostly because “Plop is just such a good word!”

There you go: seedaripper1973, send me an email with your name and address details and the swag will be on its way!  Well done, mate: your plop fetish has finally paid off.

There will be a few iron-on transfers left, so if the other 5 mentioned above want to email their details then I’ll send them on as stock allows!

Thanks to everyone that entered; you gave us all a good laugh – we’re very impressed.