New Trophy Additions

We strive to keep our Trophy List up to date, and whilst it’s one of our more popular pages we’re aware that a lot of our readers like a gentle nudge in the right direction every now and again.  So, if you’re not a regular to our FAQ, here’s some of the latest updates:

Eye of Judgement gets some extremely geeky Trophies, all of which we’d assume were tongue-in-cheek if the game didn’t take itself so seriously.


Quantum of Solace tries to play it cool by using soundbites and film titles from previous Bond films as the Trophy names, mostly succeeding.

But Linger in Shadows wins the award of the day, sending Bronze-flavoured shout-outs to all the great demo scene coders, both old and new.  Especially happy to see Fairlight getting a mention.

As ever, keep an eye on the main page for any updates, and thanks to Dunny over at for the heads up.