SCE Staff Meeting Leak

D+Pad Magazine clearly aren’t bothered about keeping up rosy relations with SCEE, as they’ve just released most of the information that was meant to be kept just for internal staff, as far as we could see. Regardless, once it’s out it’s out, so here’s the stuff you’ll be most interested in.

Price Cut In March: If Sony were expecting to shift a load of console before Christmas, chances are that won’t be the case now – David Reeves confirmed that the PS3 will be getting more competitive on price from March 2009 onwards. Killzone 2 bundle, then?

PS3 Beating 360 In Europe: Contrary to what Microsoft are saying, Reeves also claimed that the PS3 has a bigger install base than the 360 in Europe, and the gap will increase during 2009. Apparently SCEE generates more profit than SCEA and SCEJ, although we’re not entirely sure how.

PSN Growing: Sony will be investing much more on the PSN in the future, having generated £150m in 2008. Lots of Sony own-label Blu-Ray movies will also be expanded with online content.

LittleBIGPlanet and MotorStorm Coming To PSP: We’ve known this for a while, but apparently according to the leaked information Media Molecule have been working on their PSP port for four months. Footage was shown, but as it was such an early build Alex Evans wasn’t yet prepared to show it himself. “It looked good, obviously not PS3 good, but missing the level of detail that you get in a final release” says the source of the leak.

Uncharted 2: Attendees were shown a 30 second clip, apparently showing Drake in the midst of Aztec ruins. The game apparently looks the same as Uncharted 1, which is fine by us.

KillZone 2: Staff were shown the introduction to the game, showing a character from the first trailer and a Helghan leader.

God Of War 3: Yes, it’s still coming. The section shown was apparently so good that the source of the leak couldn’t tell whether it was CGI or not. The trailer showed Kratos fighting lots of skeletons and other creatures, before riding an Eagle and then looking up to what is presumed to be Mount Olympus.

Reasonably interesting stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree.  If we hear any more we’ll let you know.  Thanks to reader Grant for the heads up.