Crap Game Cancelled

Shacknews are reporting (via, via an email Michael sent me this morning) that “Destroy All Humans: Path of The Furon” has been cancelled.

Oh, only the PS3 version though, the 360 version will launch on December 1st as planned.


After a little bit of digging about I wouldn’t be too annoyed, the game itself looks a bit, well, rubbish. Also, the studio (Sandblast) are about to close down, cancelled a previous Destroy All Humans title for PS2 in January this year (which still got a Wii release) and cited “develoment isues” for the cancellation.

Please let’s be under no illusions that “development issues” is like developer shorthand for “we only had enough funding to get one platform finished before our business went belly-up so we went for the one that had the most potential to sell the most copies”.

So, Michael finds the news, tells me, I write up the story and post. I benifit from the stars, it’s all about the stars, haha, in your face Michael!

EDIT: If anyone from Sandblast or THQ (the publisher) is watching I had to go with that headline because all the other witty ones I had wouldn’t fit and broke the site. Your game is possibly not crap. But it does look it.