Home Within 10 Days

The Sunday Times reported that Home will be entering open beta stages within 10 days.

That would be great news if it could be trusted. Unfortunately in the same article (right down at the bottom) they also said this:


The crucial point for many buyers in these cash-strapped times will, of course, be price. And here the Xbox 360 has the advantage. Microsoft has recently slashed the cost of its Xbox range so that gamers can buy the most basic console for £130. The PS3 will set you back at least £350.

Which is obviously completely inaccurate so now I have to question the basis of the rest of the article. Luckily its mostly just waffle, filler and the same few things everyone knows about Home repeated in a couple of different ways.

I’d like to state that I generally respect The Sunday Times and I am slightly disappointed that this is such a shoddy piece written by someone who appears to have no idea what they are talking about.