Home Hacked?

Not great news, to be honest, but it appears that Home has been compromised, already.  We’re not really sure what we’re supposed to be reporting here, or even if we should be linking to the source of the story because without it this post is all hot air… Regardless, some enterprising young hacker (we presume he’s young) claims to have found a way to basically do whatever he (we’re assuming it’s a he) wants in Home, including the ability to upload any file to the Home server, customise your Home space (including videos, pictures and text) and worse of all, delete any file on the Home server. Of course, this is all unproven and quite possibly just in his head.

The post in our forum suggests existing Beta users have already had their prized (and free) downloads deleted, although that happened occasionally in the beta anyway, and there’s a lengthy thread on the official forum too with no real evidence of any ‘hacking’. For the record, TSA cannot verify any of this information directly and will not speculate further.  Whatever the situation is, let’s hope Sony fix this pronto.