Home Perverts

An interesting thread in our forums – click here – reveals that Home appears to be the new spot for perverts to follow around girls.  Despite the fact that most of the time these ‘girls’ are blokes with female avatars, which is quickly becoming the most fun thing to do in Home. LiquescentShadow tells us that when dressed as a female, it took “all of about 5 seconds to attract some attention, and luckily i got some idiot with a headset.”  The chap, whose PSN ID we’re desperate to reveal,  kept saying things like “Where you from baby?” and when the answer to how old LiquescentShadow’s girl avatar was (17) he (and some other guys that were also letching) said that that was OK because 17 is “legal”.  “Yeah you look good baby, can i add you baby?” he said.

The story goes on: “I switched to my ugly fat man avatar” says LiquescentShadow, “and after a slurry of abuse he ran away. Most of the other guys just took it as the prank that it was and didnt really care. I thought I’d give him a going away present; I then switched to my real avatar and took to following him around. He had already started hitting on this aussie girl with a headset, so I decided to stir things up by telling her how much of a perve he was, and what had just happened. I gained a couple of followers cos he was just trashtalking to anyone and everyone in the vicinity. In the end we prevailed and he made a dash for the Shopping Centre, after which he disappeared.”


Sad times indeed.