Killzone 2: Colourful

I don’t know that many people that would honestly really care that much if Killzone 2 launched with nothing but sepia tones and an occasional orange glow. Nonetheless the director of the new Killzone game (who is as Dutch as Dutch can be, some of our readers will appreciate the national mention) has told CVG that it won’t all be grey and boring, it has “a very rich and varied colour palette”

The first images that we released were just from one level that was still in early production, and I can assure you that the final game has a very rich and varied colour palette – and still manages to maintain that gritty and realistic look and feel.

See, I told you he said that. Apparently some people have complained that the footage we’ve seen from the game all looked a bit bland. Personally I think they were just looking for disappointment if that’s what they noticed from the early footage.