Resi 5 Demo: Dated

2nd of February. That’s when “the game which is being ignored until a certain other game is out of the way” will be getting a demo on the PSN.

Except February 2nd is a Monday which would be weird but not unwelcome since PSN updates are almost always done on a Thursday. That’s why we have F5 Thursday and not F5 Monday. Pesky Capcom, messing with the system. Of course, maybe it was due for the F5 Thursday on January 29th but they realised it probably couldn’t shuffle itself here by then.


So, that’s a demo more than a month before retail? Maybe they thought nobody would play it if they released a demo just a couple of weeks before the March 13th retail release. Apparently there’s quite a hotly anticipated game coming out in that timeframe. Can’t remember what it’s called now… Deathbox 3?