Trophy Hunter

As days go yesterday was an interesting mix that I would not have predicted the day before.

It started early enough with a sugary breakfast of Brunch Bars and a can of Coca-Cola. Usually, this gives me energy to get through to lunch time when I can have a proper feed. But this time it gave me the utterly mad idea of trying to get Trophies in Resistance 2. What I didn’t realise was that I’d end up with a lot more Trophies than I hoped for.

Anyone who has befriended me and taken a look at my Trophy collection will know that I’m not the most ardent collector. But as my girlfriend was gadding about on the laptop trying to find yet more videos of the iPhone’s abilities, my sugar-fuelled brain told me to pop on Resistance and have a blast. So, I did. Then I decided to look at my Trophy collection, mostly to make sure I did actually have one, but when the Resistance list opened I decided I could play the game with the specific intent of gaining Trophies.


But, it did make sense. While knee-deep in Chimera gore during the single player campaign I was never bothered about getting kills with the sniper rifle or the Magnum; I was bothered about not dying. Now, with the campaign safely completed, I could start again and try to snipe Chimera from 3 feet away just to get a Trophy.

Now, the other thing that anyone who has looked at my Trophy collection will know is that I am pants at games. I’ve only ever been good at two: Wizball and Kick Off. Both pre-Trophy. So, I picked about ten Resistance trophies to go for, figuring I’d be happy if I fluked one.

And I got three – yay!

Tagging Chimera with Bullseye rounds and then finishing them off became my new favourite game, and when ammo ran dry I’d snipe the swines in the head for the headshot Trophy. It took a while. There were frequent trips to the cooker to turn off the alarm only to realise I’d been duped again by the odd ‘beep-beep’ that accompanies a death. More annoying than you may think, because when I hear that ‘beep-beep’ my mouth starts to salivate at the thought of what’s been cooking that I wasn’t aware of. Only to realise that I’d become Chimeran dinner, again.

And then later, when the house stank of smoke and great plumes of the stuff were invading the lounge, did I realise that the ‘beep-beep’ I’d been ignoring actually was the cooker’s alarm and my Sunday roast was ruined.

I digress: Resistance 2 and Trophies. The third one that came my way was the one for murdering Chimera scum using the Carbine or the LARK or some other stuff.

Continuing on, my path to Trophy glory was thwarted by the unlikliest of sources. To be fair, Nofi was supposed to be doing me a favour, but by calling me in the middle of a firefight I had to win with a LARK he made me die. Which meant more beeps and a trip to the kitchen before I could listen to Nofi’s excited ramblings about the virtues of the iPhone.

Anyway, my death and iPhone information overload put paid to my Resistance game, and as the dinner had become charcoal there was only thing to do – Mum!

Mum to the rescue, dinner sorted, girlfriend driving – bliss. And this is where my Trophy hunting went into overdrive.

Just as we were about to drive off I looked in my wing mirror and noticed a little dog wandering our street. Stray Detector on high alert, I got out of the car and was soon best buddies with a gorgeous little Shih-Tzu we named George ‘cos he was a boy. As it turns out, real name Holly, real sex female. Ahem.

You can read the full tale of George here: George’s Story.

But, I did win a number of trophies:

Bronze: Civil Servant – doing a public service for others by keeping strays off the streets
Silver: Cleanup Duty – picking up dog poo not from your own dog

And there’s one I hope to get soon:

Gold: Reuniting Strays – reuniting a stray dog with its worried owners

This took so long to do that dinner was like a mirage. We did meet the delightful Erin at the vets though, who was scouse and so lovely that we wanted to take her home with us never mind the dog!

Finally, George was left at the vets while they waited for the owners to get in touch. We were happy but unfulfilled. Still, we had enough time to get to Mum’s for dinner.

Where I won some Trophies:

Bronze: Pigs in Blankets – consume 5 in the time between putting them on your plate and sitting down to eat them
Silver: Wolf Pack – scavenge food and take some home for your hungry pack
Gold: Cheesey Glutton – consume 3 or more mini-cheesecakes before the rest of your squad

I got the Trifecta there – this Trophy lark is easy.

The final part of the day, post-dinner, was to take a trip into Warrington to watch Jason Manford – that bloke from 8 out of 10 Cats – doing his stand-up show.

Yep, you guessed it, I won more Trophies:

Bronze: Breast Watch – spot a pair of breasts bursting out of underwear
Silver: Only Joking – invent an original joke based on the comedian’s material
Gold: No Parking – park illegally in a “Disabled Only” space without getting caught

A wonderful day’s Trophy Hunting, all-in-all, and I can now see why Sony introduced them to the PS3.

Early Monday Morning

Ah, what a brilliant end to my day of Trophy Hunting. A swift call to the vets confirms that I’ve just got my “Reuniting Strays” Trophy.

That’s the full Sunday Set then – Platinum day all round.