Trophy List Update

Our Trophy List was the internet’s first, and whilst there’s now sites dedicated to bringing you every last nugget of Trophy information, we are still proud of the sites that still link to us and the sheer amount of people that visit TSA just to see what’s new in the world of silverware.  So, yesterday DJH and myself moved all the Trophies to the forum, and split them into two sections: Blu-ray PS3 Trophy Games and PSN Download Trophy Games.

Why?  3 reasons.  Firstly, it’s now easier to update our master list and tell you what’s new.  Secondly, you can now comment and discuss each individual game’s Trophies in its respective thread, and thirdly, if we’ve missed a game you’re quite free to add the details yourself to the relevant section, although we do ask that you take a minute to read the rules first.  A lot happens each day in the world of PlayStation, and we don’t always have time to cover all the Trophy updates, but as our loyal readers we’re hoping you’ll help us out on this: got a list of Trophies that we don’t have – add it to the forum!

Cheers, and good hunting.